Tara/Spyder puppies with Grandma Eleanor and Grandpa Eddie

Packing the puppies to go to Grandmother Sharon's house for the Thanksgiving holidays

Eddie, Eleanor and Tara

Eddie and Eleanor (Tara's co owners) with Tara in the nursery

Tara's babies meet the neighbors

Well, we didn't real "meet" the children.  Next week, we can lay our eyes on the kids  (our eyes should open by the end of the week)

Bonnie and Sam's red and blue boy

We look so handsome after our first haircut.

Bonnie and Sam's 6 pack plus Abby's boy

We are very tired after our trip to the vet today.

Glitter girl (Bonnie and Sam) at 8 weeks

Still a fluffy girl! 

Betsy and Sam's threesome at 4 months old


Betsy's Yellow Girl in Need of a Haircut!!


Waiting our turn at Dr Blackford's office

Mom says she is getting tired of carrying our crates in and out of the vets' offices.  Crates are the dog version of car seats.

How many Vets are we going to meet?

The answer is 3..Dr Gompf, the cardiologist, Dr Blackford, the orthopedist (pictured above!) and Dr Martin, the general practioner

Kisses for Dr Blackford


Dr Blackford examing the patella (knee)


Orthopedic check up

Dr LeeAnn Blackford and her assistant examing the hips and patella

The Sparkle 6 pack at 5 weeks old

Our Mom, Bonnie, has officially weaned us.  We are now big boys and girls.  If the weather is nice this weekend, we get to play in the grass.  Say a prayer for sunshine.  Watch for our pictures of our next big adventure!