The Sparkle 6 pack at 5 weeks old

Our Mom, Bonnie, has officially weaned us.  We are now big boys and girls.  If the weather is nice this weekend, we get to play in the grass.  Say a prayer for sunshine.  Watch for our pictures of our next big adventure!

Roo's babies at 3 weeks 2 days old

We made the trip from Knoxville to Atlanta with Mom.  We met our grand mother, Bonnie, and Uncle Will. Can't wait till we can play with Grandma Bonnie's 6 pack of sparkle babies.


New toys and new play area

Enjoying a beautiful fall day in Tennessee

On the run

Gold man loves to run about the deck

Pink sparkley girl

Such a cute puppy

Our First Time Outside

Of course, we wouldn't all get in one picture together.  Notice we have been playing in our water bowl and making quite a mess. What fun!

Bonnie and her six pack at 4 weeks old

Most of the six pack now weigh close to 3 lbs.  Mom has started the weaning process, now that they have sharp razor teeth. They actually love Bonnie's food and are eating very well.

No way, Mom!


I have a secret for you, Mom!


Kisses for Mom

Red man plays with his ever patient mother, Bonnie.

Mom to myself

Yeah, I have Mom without any competition.  What luck!

Bonnie's puppies after a late night snack

After a liquid meal, we decided to try Mom's food.  We are stuffed to the gill.

Dinner time for the six pack at 3 weeks old

It is a bit crowded at the table...move over!