Lunch time for Derry and babies

Derry's 10-Day Old Pups

warning, might make you seasick! videographer didn't realize it was recording! so this is a surprise video :) enjoy!

Babies without Mom for the first time

All babies arrived safe and sound. Mom had gone out to the potty, leaving her babies for the first time. This photo was taken before the bed was changed.

Derry resting comfortably with her 4 babies

Derry delivered 3 boys and 1 girl this morning. Ch Shaireab's On Your Honor, Opie, is the sire of this litter.

Puppy #4 coming into the world

Derry with 3 boys!

Waiting on a sister. (we hope)

Join us for puppy watch!!!

Sharon and I are waiting(probably within 24 hrs) on Derry to whelp. Can you find the skulls??

Helen has her bags packed and ready to go!

Helen is on the road again! She began her journey from Arizona to meet Tommy, Ch Bayleigh Shaireab's Pinball Wizard, in TN, then off to Atlanta for a couple of months to live with her first Mom, Sharon, returning to Knoxville for the whelping of the litter of 5 and now back to Atlanta to raise her babies.

The wait is over...Helen and Tommy puppies are here

We are pleased to announce Helen and Tommy had 3 girls and 2 boys on Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucy and Bogie have 5 GIRLS!!!

The Easter bunny arrived early. Check out the Lucy(International Ch Lucy of the Southern Point) and Bogie, Ch Bayleigh Shaireab's Play It Again Sam, baby girls. It has been a long time since we have had a litter of one sex. What a surprise! Lucy is visiting from the Netherlands with us for an extended stay. Her sire, Rick, International Ch Heartbreaker of the Southern Point, lived with us for over a year. My wonderful pet sitter, Ania (who will be graduating from the University of TN School of Veterinary Medicine within a year) picked up Lucy in Amsterdam as she was returning from Christmas vacation in Poland. Lucy's breeder and co owner, Mat Smeets, has had Bogie for 2 years. Mat will be exhibiting one of his Bogie puppies at Crufts Dog Show this year.

Blue Boy @ 6 weeks old (Derry - Stuart puppy)

Gold MAN @ 6 weeks old (Derry - Stuart puppy)

Pink Girl at 6 weeks old (Derry - Stuart baby)

I am always ready to have my picture taken. Everyone else move aside!

Glitter girl at 6 weeks old (Derry-Stuart)

6 weeks old...Almost time for a haircut

We keep hearing her muttering something about it is time for the "babies" to be trimmed. Think she might be talking about us.

Derry and Stuart puppies at 6 weeks

Mom says we are impossible to take a picture of as a group! She is always so impressed when other owners send cute pictures with all babies nicely lined up and looking at the camera. We are WAY to BUSY to cooperate with her

New toy for the puppies at five weeks

We got a new toy today! We love it! Hanging chew rope. Check out our teeth. 5 weeks today and growing growing and growing.

Ch Shaireab's Bayleigh Good Time Girl x Ch Shaireab's Honor Among Thieves puppies at five weeks old

They are growing and changing so quickly. They are now totally weaned.

We joined the big boys today!

On this rainy Sunday, Mom had us come join her in the grooming room while she did trimmed toe nails, cleaned teeth, stripped coats and washed furnishings on the BIG dogs. Oh my what a busy place it is!

PS You can see into her office from the grooming-kennel room. This room is where she is busy sending out our pics

Here we are at 4 1/2 weeks old!

Top to bottom Gold, Blue Pink and Glitter