Lunch time for Derry and babies

Derry's 10-Day Old Pups

warning, might make you seasick! videographer didn't realize it was recording! so this is a surprise video :) enjoy!

Babies without Mom for the first time

All babies arrived safe and sound. Mom had gone out to the potty, leaving her babies for the first time. This photo was taken before the bed was changed.

Derry resting comfortably with her 4 babies

Derry delivered 3 boys and 1 girl this morning. Ch Shaireab's On Your Honor, Opie, is the sire of this litter.

Puppy #4 coming into the world

Derry with 3 boys!

Waiting on a sister. (we hope)

Join us for puppy watch!!!

Sharon and I are waiting(probably within 24 hrs) on Derry to whelp. Can you find the skulls??