Lauren - Spyder puppies at one week old

Lauren with her new babies

Lauren wanted desperately to have her puppies in Spyder's bed by the fireplace.  She was not remotely interested to moving into whelping box. When she was no longer in position to resist, as the first baby is arriving, I was able to move her.

The Firecrackers at 4 weeks old!!!

Amazing how quickly they change from totally blind, deaf and virtually helpless babies to bouncy and barking playful bundles of black and tan fur.

Firecrackers are two weeks old

Arabella and Seamus were on family vacation for a week. Harper was glad to see her family, but after a short visit she was ready to devote her full attention to the babies.  All three puppies weighed in at 2 lbs or more at two weeks old.  Eyes and ears are open. They are busy toddling around, plus they are very vocal.

Button and Tailor enjoying a hot summer afternoon!

These adorable litter mates born January 20, 2012 are now available for placement in companion homes. As you can see, they are delightful, active and happy puppies.

Day 5 and All is well!

Notice Harper's manicure.  Arabella treated her to a pre delivery beauty nails.  All the firecrackers weigh over 1 lb at 5 days.

First visit with Harper and the firecrackers

Harper is  Seamus and Arabella's companion and pet.  The children were delight to snuggle with puppies.  Harper enjoyed her visit, but is very content giving her full attention to the baby firecrackers.

Sweet dreams!!!

All is well with Harper and her babies!  Harper is a fabulous mother.  Two puppies weigh 12.5 oz and the other puppy is now 9.4 oz.

The Fire Crackers have arrived!!

Right on time and in less than an hour, Harper delivered 3 fat healthy puppies. 2 boys and a girl sired by Link.  Mom and babies are doing great.

Cosimo in his new home in CT!

Cosimo is from our Ch Bayleigh Shaireab's Missing Link x Ch Shaireab's Bayleigh Summer Storm litter!

Sharon and Keith presenting Liza Jane to her new family

A very special evening last night!  The Nedell's of Winston Salem, NC cut short their vacation to come get their baby girl.  They have been patiently waiting for her since January. There were many tears of joy shed last night.  The Nedells were also able to meet the owner, Tony Lee of Shanghai,  of their baby's sire.

Tony Lee with Ch Shaireab's Celyn Cash in Advance photographed in Shanghai

Liza Jane meets her new family from North Carolina

Pipa arrives in Santiago, Chile

Pipa arrives in her new home in Santiago, Chile!! Big trip for our little girl! Pippa's brother Harry is featured on our home page right now!

Welcome our much anticipated litter!

Summer "Ch Shaireab's Bayleigh Summer Storm" had 6 puppies (4 girls and 2 boys) last night. The litter is sired by Ch Bayleigh Shaireab's Missing Link who was winners dog in 2006 at the Montgomery County Kennel Club show which is the National Specialty show of the Welsh Terrier Club of America. We have been waiting for the right bitch to breed to Link for 5 years. Finally the time arrived. Summer's sire, our dog Merlin Embrujo De Brujas, was the sire of BOB, BOS WB and grandsire of WB at the National Specialty in 2011.

Eiley - Tommy Puppies at 1 week old

Sleeping peacefully while Mom takes a well deserved break

Pretty babies with wonderful coats…… exciting to watch them grow up

Eiley, Ch Bayleigh Shaireab's Last Call, watching for squirrels outside her nursery window

Eiley and her babies (3 boys and 2 girls) sired by #1 Welsh Terrier of 2011 GCH Bayleigh Shaireab's Pinball Wizard continue to do well. Mom is relaxed and enjoying any visitors. The babies do what they do best, sleep,poo and pee!